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Roasting Coffee with aviation standards


WINGS COFFEE ROASTERS (WCR) is a collection of dedicated professionals who share a passion for pushing their technical and creative boundaries outside of their every day career titles and the love of coffee to deliver you any coffee you are looking for.


Wings Coffee
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Speciality Coffee

whether you are looking for coffee to drink at home or into speciality coffee and enjoy extracting coffee in different methods or you have a cafe or restaurant and looking for a fresh roasted coffee in a customized way to differentiate your cup of coffee from competitors.


We source the best coffee for you

  • Brazil – Natural – Cupping Score 84+
  • Rwanda – Fully Washed – Cupping Score 86+
  • Panama – Natural, Maceration and Fully Washed – Cupping score 88+ and 90+
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Justus du Toit (SCA)

Professional Roast Master: Justus du Toit (SCA)

All WCR "HANGARS" as they are called, are owned by professionals in either the engineering or aviation fields, making it truly a collection of very technical minds to source, roast and supply the freshest possible coffee to small markets that normally would not have access to such a premium quality product.