Our Coffee

Wings Coffee beans

At WCR we source our coffee directly from Origin.

Our direct sourcing principal allows us to work closer with the producers. This has the following benefits for our clients:

  • Fixed prices for at least 6 months due to direct relationship with farmers
  • Consistent quality guaranteed due to origin visit’s before shipment dispatch to Qatar

We constantly source coffee from the following main origins:

  • Brazil – Natural – Cupping Score 84+
  • Rwanda – Fully Washed – Cupping Score 86+
  • Panama – Natural, Maceration and Fully Washed – Cupping score 88+ and 90+

We also stock decaffeinated and limited release origins

All our coffees are Grade 1 Arabica. This is the highest grade of beans, and to be classified as Grade 1 Coffee, the beans need to have no primary defects and 0-3 full defects, with a maximum of 5% above and below the specified screen size.


To offer complexity and uniqueness, we create customized blends for our customers with our three main origins.

The ratio of the blend will become the signature of that specific customer and will not be repeated for any other customer – while using Wings as the supplier.