Panama Maceration


Get all the notes you love about Panama coffee beans highlighted by the maceration process been used to do the fermentation for this amazing beans.

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What is Maceration process ?

it involves placing harvested coffee cherries in airtight barrels before pumping in CO2 to create a CO2-rich environment. The CO2 allows the cherries to break down different levels of pectins, often producing bright and winey coffees with strong notes of red fruits.

According to Šestić, all the flavours and aromatics produced by carbonic maceration have no way to escape. Instead, they’re absorbed by the coffee parchment, contributing to a stoned fruit quality in the cup. During the process, they use low temperatures to avoid alcohol build-up.

Once the coffee has reached its desired level of fermentation, the cherries can be processed by either washing or drying. (Both processing methods are suitable for carbonic macerated coffee.)

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